IELTS Reading Resolutions: Matching Heading is never easy like that before

In the post How to read quickly but effectively within 60 minutes? I illustrated you how the keyword technique works with an example of solving matching heading questions. Today, I would like to show you some tips to tackle matching heading questions in a more effective way.

The secret of solving matching heading questions falls behind what a paragraph is about or in the other words, the main idea of that paragraph. Thus finding the main idea of each paragraph and matching it with suitable given heading is in the heart of this question type.

Basically, matching heading also applies the keyword technique and strategy to identify main idea which compares the keywords of each heading with individual paragraph. The technique to tackle it can be found in How to read quickly but effectively within 60 minutes?To solve it successfully, what you should do is following these tips.

Always do “matching heading” question at last if you struggle with identifying main idea.

This tip means you should do other types of the question first and finally matching heading. The reason behind this tips is that when you do other questions first, you will soon become familiar with the passage and you even might get some answers from your memory.

Underline keywords in each heading in on the list

This is a part of keywords technique.

Start reading shortest or easiest paragraph

You should read at normal speed, underline main idea in the paragraph, and finally compare it with all the heading and choose the best fit.

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