1000 English Collocations in 10 minutes a day (PDF + Audio)

1000 English Collocations in 10 minutes a day (PDF): If you want to improve your fluency and talk more like a native English speaker, you’ll love this new e-book.

This book will teach you typical collocations, organized into 50 topics.

There’s no need to spend hours trying to memorize long lists of words and phrases. Each lesson takes just 10 minutes:

  • 5 minutes to listen to and read the lesson
  • 5 minutes to do the quiz and practice the expressions you learned

It makes it easy for you to improve your English every day, even if you have little time to study.


Please click the link beside to download Ebook PDF: 1000 English Collocations in 10 minutes a day.

Download ebook PDF

Download Audio

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2 Responses

  1. Indra Kusyanti says:

    can not be downloaded

    • Self Study Materials says:

      Hi Indra,

      To download it, please wait for 5s and click on “SKIP AD” on the top right corner of your computer’s screen.

      If you still cannot download, make sure that you deactivate the AdBlock button 🙂

      I checked the link and everything is ok.

      Hope you can download it

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