Worldwide IELTS Writing questions 2017 (Update continuously)

Worldwide IELTS Writing questions 2017 

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To help you prepare well for Writing tasks, we would like to reserve this post to update the latest writing questions for you. In fact, we call this collection as Worldwide IELTS Writing questions 2017. If you have just taken IELTS, please help us update your test questions (writing, speaking, listening, reading) by leaving a comment in this post. When you post your comment, please also mention:

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Please find Writing questions in June 2017 in the table below (You can freely search and filter on the table)

Writing question worldwide 2017

Test date ModuleTest placeTask 1Task 2
03/06/2017AcademicVietnam, Indonesia, PhilipinesThe line chart below shows the percentage of female members of parliament in 5 European countries from 2000 to 2012As the number of cars increases, more money has to be spent on road systems. Some people think the government should pay for this. Others, however, think that the drivers should cover the costs. Discuss and give your opinion
03/06/2017AcademicRussia, India, Uzbekistan, SwedMap of the existing civic center and proposed changes.Some countries have introduced a law that limits hours which an employer can ask their employees to work. Why that measure was introduced? Is it a negative or positive development
03/06/2017GeneralVietnam, Indonesia, Philipines, SingaporeYou have joined a short-term training in a college. Write a letter to your friend and tell him about:
A. Your stay
B. Your training and college
C. Why it is important to your friend
In some countries, people prefer to rent a house for accommodation while in other countries, people prefer to buy their own house for living. Does renting a house have more advantages or disadvantages than buying a house
03/06/2017GeneralUAE, Egypt, IndiaYou saw an equipment when you went to attend a meeting in another company. Write a letter to that company to enquire about that equipment:
A. describe it
B. why do you think it would be useful for your work
C. Write some questions may be asked by him
Some people think that that the purpose of earning money is to enjoy present life while others think that money should be saved for future. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
03/06/2017GeneralUSA, CanadaYou are moving out of the country and you want your friend to have your furniture. Write a letter to your friend:
A. Explain what furniture you want to give him
B. Why they will like it
C. How he/she should get it
Celebrating some special days like National days, festivals involves lots of expenses from the government. Do you think instead of spending on such events, the money can be used for other useful purposes. Do you agree or disagree?
08/06/2017AcademicVietnam, Indonesia, PhilipinesPie chart, the reasons why students choose a particular UK University.Some people say that it is possible for a country to be both economically successful and have a clean environment. Some others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
08/06/2017AcademicIndiaA bar chart about the percentage of young teenagers who smoke cigarette in European nationsIn some countries, it has been observed that many parents choose to teach their children at home rather than sending them to school. Do the advantages of studying at home outweigh the disadvantages?
08/06/2017AcademicAzerbaijan, IranPie charts show the types of foreign language course ( evening course, part-time, etc.) taken by employees of an export company and different reasons (travel, business, communicating, etc.) for learning it.Countries with long working days are more economically successful, but there are also some negative social consequences. To what extent do you agree or disagree.
17/6/2017AcademicUK2 pie charts comparing the qualifications of a company's workforce in 1998 and 2008 in 3 categories: PhD, Master and first degreeSome countries show their criminal trials on TV for people to watch. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
17/6/2017AcademicUS, Canada, Argentina2 bar charts show Australian hotel room cost and occupied percentage for one month in 2009.All business should sports and social facilities to local community. To what extent do you agree or disagree. Discuss and explain your ideas and reasons.
17/6/2017AcademicIndonesia, Vietnam, Philipines, MyanmarLine graph: The percentage of world population using 5 types of information and communication technology (ICT), namely, mobile/cellphone, broadband, wifi, internet, landlineSpace travel has been possible for some time and space tourism will probably be developed in future. Do you think space tourism is a negative or positive development?
17/6/2017AcademicIndia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, PalestineA graph shows the amount of energy generated by wind in 4 different countries (German, Denmark, US, India) between 1980 and 2000The teaching situation of teacher and students in a classroom will no longer be existed by 2050. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.
24/6/2017GeneralUAE, DubaiYou recently purchased 2 items online, but the order is not accurate. Write a letter to the manager mentioning what was your order, what is wrong, and what do you want from himChildren in many countries spend a lot of their free time doing homework. Do you think it is good or bad for the children? Give reasons and relevant examples
24/6/2017GeneralMalaysia, AustraliaA retired couple of 60 years old is going to come to visit you in your town for the first time. Write a letter to tell them:
- Activities that are suitable for them when they are here
- Remind them things that they should bring along
- Accommodation arrangement
Many people want their countries to host international sport event. Other believe that international sport event brings more problems than benefits. Discuss both views and give your opinion
24/6/2017GeneralSouth Africa, JordanYou read an advertisement and purchased a product. Write to the manager regarding the product. You should write:
What did you purchase
What happen to the product
Your suggestion to the manager
Some people thinking that traveling alone to other countries is beneficial while others think that going with your friends/family is better. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
24/6/2017GeneralUKWrite a letter to an airline manager about a problem you met during your recent business trip overseas. You should:
- Describe the problem
- Show your dissatisfaction
- How to improve
Some people think that children should art, music, drama and creative writing from school and therefore, these subjects shall occupy the large proportion on school time table. Do you agree or disagree?
24/6/2017GeneralIndiaWrite a letter to your landlord informing some minor damage caused to the flat (apartment) due to bad weather. In the letter, you should mention:
- What is the damage
- What the problems you are facing due to this damage
- What do you want him to do
Some criminals should be given unpaid jobs to contribute to the community. To what extent do you agree or disagree
24/6/2017AcademicVietnam, PhilipinesBar chart (about actual and expected figures of population in 3 cities Jakarta, Shanghai, sao paulo)scientists predict in the near future cars will be driven by computers, not people. Why? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?
24/6/2017AcademicAustraliabar charts about actual and expected figures of population in 3 cities Jakarta, Shanghai, são pauloCars can be driven by computers, not people in the near future. What are the reasons for that? Is that a negative or positive development?
24/6/2017AcademicAzerbaijan, Mauritius, ZambiaThe map related to the layout of a museum in 1957 and 2007Causes and solutions about old people taking exercise for staying healthy.
24/6/2017AcademicBrazil, CanadaTable illustrating the percentage of workforce in 6 Australian industry between 1989 and 2009Parents put a lot of pressure on their children to succeed. What is the reason for doing this? Is it a negative or positive development?
8/7/2017AcademicKazakhstan, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Italy, PakistanLine graph shows the amount of time taken to produce vehicles by 4 US-based manufacturers from 1999 to 2002Some people believe that government should provide free education at all levels (primary, secondary, university). Others, however, believe that some individual students should pay for their tertiary education. Discuss both views and give your own opinion
8/7/2017AcademicThailand, Vietnam, Philipines, IndonesiaMap: The floor plan of a museum in 2017 and 2005Everyone should stay at school until 18. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
8/7/2017GeneralSingaporeWrite a letter to your manager by asking the permission to use a separate room as a staff relaxation room.
– Mention the problem you are facing without such a dedicated room
– Describe why you suggest particular room
– Mention additional arrangements that need to be done to this room
Increasing noise level is becoming a problem in most of the countries.
– What are the problems of this tendency?
– How can we address this issue?
8/7/2017GeneralRussia, India, Iran, Egypt, OmanYou've recently made friends with someone from abroad. Write a letter to invite hime or her to a party. You should:
- Tell him/her what the party for
- Invite him/her to join
- How to get your place
Some people consider that everyone should go to university while others think that this is not the best opinion for everyone. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
15/7/2017AcademicVietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, PhilipinesTable about 3 countries in making cars (2003, 2006 and 2009) in Thailand, Australia and ArgentinaThe animal species are becoming extinct due to human activities on land and in sea. What are the reasons and solution?
15/7/2017AcademicIndia, UAE, UKBar chart: Average consumption of soft drinks and bottled water per person per liter in 5 countries in 2002Most countries aim to improve their standard of living through economic development, somehow it can lose important social value as a result. Do the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?
15/7/2017AcademicUSAMaintaining public libraries is waste of money and resource since the Internet is now replacing their functions. To what extent do you agree or disagree
20/7/2017AcademicIndiaThe pie charts show the amount of water used for agricultural products in Australia in 2004 and the values of them in Australian economy in the same yearBillions of dollars are spent in space research every year while this money can be used for improving living conditions of people on the Earth. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
20/7/2017AcademicSweden, GreeceLine graph about satisfaction with healthcare system in 4 different countriesMany universities offer online courses. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning
20/7/2017AcademicVietnam, Thailand, PhilipinesThe table below gives information on visitor statistics for 1996, 1998, and 2000 for various World heritage sites in AustraliaSome people are born to be leaders, others believe leadership can be learnt. Discuss and give opinion.
29/7/2017AcademicGreeceThree pie charts about the use of a bridge by different types of vehiclesDiscuss both views [to be updated]
29/7/2017AcademicCanadaDiagram of components of simple solar panel and how it worksSome people think that hard working and determination is the key to succeed while others think that money and personal appearance are also the factors of success. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
29/7/2017AcademicAustralia, Vietnam, Thailand, PhilipinesA table and a bar chart reflecting the trend in money spent by average overseas students in 4 different countries. The table shows the amount spent per week. The bar chart depicts the detail in terms of accommodation, living costs, and tuitionIn some parts of the world it is increasingly popular to research the history of one's own family. Why do people want to do this? Is it a positive or negative development?
29/7/2017GeneralSaudi Arabia, UAEWrite a letter with regards to the advertisement about unpaid volunteer work for sports festival in your country. you should explain:
- Why it important for you
- How you help them
- Ask if you have any questions
Parents are concerned over violence in computer games, TV programs and other activities affecting their children. How harmful they are on children? Explain the problems and solutions
29/7/2017GeneralCanada, USAYou live in an apartment and a construction site next to you is causing problems. Write a letter to the construction company's manager to explain the problem you are facing. You should write:
- Introduce yourself
- Explain the problems
- What actions you expect the manager to take
Some people think free time is more important to a good quality of life. Others think money is more important. What is your opinion. What do you think that more important than a good quality of life
29/7/2017GeneralAustralia, PhilipinesWrite a letter to a local council suggesting some improvements in tourism facilities. You should write:
- What are the current facilities
- What improvements do you suggest
- What are the benefits of tourism in your town
Some people think that giving expensive presents to children is a bad idea. Give your own opinion.

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