IELTS Writing Answer Key (Maximiser) – Standard, Classified, Focused (PDF)

IELTS Writing Answer Key (Maximiser) is a must-read source designed to meet the needs of candidates preparing to take the IELTS test. It offers a full range of classified writing samples found in the actual exam.

Key features of the book:

  • provides 360 classified and standard writing samples (AC) & (GT) with model answers; helping candidates to target the IELTS writing tasks effectively.
  • contains 90 supplementary exercises (AC) & (GT) for further practice.
  • features ‘Useful language’ for the IELTS Writing Test.
  • designed to be suitable for all IELTS candidates.
  • is ideal for independent study or class use.

Please click the GREEN BUTTON below to download IELTS Writing Answer Key (Maximiser) – Standard, Classified, Focused (PDF): Please wait 5s and click “SKIP AD” to download the material

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