IELTS Reading target 7+: A – Z Guide (Part 1)

To get high score in Reading test, you should not only learn test strategies but also build reading skills. You could find test strategies in  Reading Resolution category which show you the strategies to deal with each kind of reading questions. In order to help you build essential skills, we create the series IELTS Reading target 7+: A – Z Guide which may assist you to gain high score in the IELTS Reading test.

Factors affecting your Reading score

There are 3 skills that you have to master if you want to gain 7+ in Reading test. Specifically, they are:


1. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is always a serious problem for some people because there are many words to remember.

If you read a passage with too many new words (> 60%) ( you do not understand more than half of the passage), this means the passage is too difficult for you. Hence, what you should do now is finding another passage with less than 30% of words are new for you and do it. After completing, you should check with the answers key along with search for the meaning of new words and learn them. Continuing this process for other reading passages can help you enhance your vocabulary base.

However, is it necessary to learn all words that are new for you?

The answer is obviously NO (as our memory is limited, you should use it wisely). In fact, new words are categorized into 2 types:

  • TERMS (terminology): they are words which only use on a specific topic. For example, Biology topic with words like xylem; phloem; or Space with words: Achromatic lens; Active galactic nuclei.

>You are NOT required to learn these words.

  • COMMON WORDS: they are words that appear frequently in many reading passages. In the other words, you will find it not only on a specific topic but also in other topics

>You SHOULD learn these words


2. Grammar

A good knowledge of Grammar may help you when it comes to analyzing a sentence to guess what kind of words is missing. What you should do is learning how to construct a sentence so that you can guess what word you need to fill in without knowing the meaning of the word.

The guidance on how to construct a sentence can be found at IELTS Writing: Sentence Construction from A-Z guide.

3. Reading speed

This factor is crucial which may indicate if you are a pro or newbie. In fact, you may understand all a passage long but your reading speed is too slow. As a result, you are more likely to not complete the reading task and lose your mark.

Your duty is understanding which kinds of skills you are weak at and make a plan to improve them.

It’s the end of part 1, in part 2, I will give you a 4-phase approach from basic to advanced so that you can get 7+ in Reading task.

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The article was translated by our volunteer from Hai Vu – an IELTS teacher.




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