A Guide to Phrasal Verbs (PDF)

Free download A Guide to Phrasal Verbs (PDF)

Each phrasal verb has its own entry with a full-sentence definition, which allows phrasal verbs to be shown in their correct grammatical context. Information is also given on which register or level of language the phrasal verb belongs to. Synonyms or near-synonyms are shown at the end of definitions, as a cross-reference to other phrasal verbs if they are useful for comparison. You will also find examples of how phrasal verbs are actually used, all based on corpus material. Learners may find phrasal verbs difficult to use because they are not sure where to put the adverbial particle. Several different positions may be possible, or there may just be one fixed position. Both full-sentence definitions and examples show where the adverbial particle can go.

A Guide to Phrasal Verbs (PDF) also includes a section of Language Study panels on the adverbial particles used to form phrasal verbs. These give the broad range of meanings that each particle has and show which of the particles are used by native speakers to form new phrasal verbs. These panels will help you to develop your knowledge of how phrasal verbs are formed and how they function in English. They also contain additional phrasal verbs to those found in the dictionary.

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