Let’s learn vocabulary for protecting animals topic.

1. Vital collocations about animals topic:

  • Wild animal
  • Feral animal
  • Tame animal
  • Social animal  >< Solitary animal
  • Domestic animal >< Farm animal >< laboratory animal
  • Land animal >< Marine
  • Animal instinct
  • Animal rights
  • Rare animals
  • Wild animal protection
  • Animal experiments
  • Tame/train animals
  • Breed / raise animal
  • Hunt animal
  • Butcher/slaughter

2. Popular idioms related to animals topic:

  • Like a fish out of water: to feel awkward because you are in a situation that you have not experienced before or because you are very different from the people around you
  • Rain cats and dogs/ Rain pitchforks: something that you say when it is raining heavily
  • Rat race: a fierce struggle for success usually in your career or in business
  • Cold fish: A heartless individual; a person lacking empathy and emotion
  • Top dog: a person, group, or nation that has acquired a position of highest authority
  • Eat a horse: something that you say when you are very hungry

3. Positive side when it comes to write or speak about animals:

  • Animal research has played a vital part in nearly every medical breakthrough over the last decade such as blood transfusions or penicillin antibiotics  This does hurt animals but saving thousands of human lives.
  • The threats to wild animals don’t always directly affect people, but often, they fill a special role in creating the environmental balance that we are also part of and affect other species or plants that we are directly dependent on. Therefore, we should protect them

4. Negative side when it comes to write or speak about animals:

  • Exploiting animals excessively / Animal overexploitation may give rise to the imbalance in the eco-system.
  • Animal testing/animal research is cruel and inhumane/morally wrong since the lives of all creatures should be respected. It is not fair to put animals’ lives at risk for human purposes.

5. Other vocabularies:

  • To be on the verge of extinction
  • To die out = to extinct
  • To destroy the natural habitats of threatened animals
  • To violates animal rights
  • Living species
  • Keep a pet / Have a pet
  • Livestock
  • Medicines are routinely tested on animals
  • Threaten wild animals ‘ habitats
  • Wildlife conservation




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