Top 78 topics for IELTS Speaking part 2 from September to December 2017 (PDF)

Top 78 topics for IELTS Speaking part 2 and 3 with suggested answers from September to December 2017 (PDF)

To help you prepare well for IELTS speaking test, we would like to introduce our collection of top frequent topics for all 3 parts in IELTS speaking test. Along with the cue cards, we also give you the suggested answers so that you can use them as a reference for your own answers.

For part 1, please click on THIS LINK

For part 2, please click the GREEN BUTTON below to download Ebook PDF:
 (Wait 5 seconds and click SKIP AD to download the IELTS material)

Moreover, for suggested answers of part 2’s topics, you can find at HERE

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