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IELTS Reading Resolutions: How to free yourself from traps in MATCHING FEATURES questions?

Matching is always one of the hardest question types in IELTS test because it requires you the good understanding of what the text is talking about. However, in terms of matching features questions, I think...


IELTS Reading Resolutions: Matching Heading is never easy like that before

In the post How to read quickly but effectively within 60 minutes? I illustrated you how the keyword technique works with an example of solving matching heading questions. Today, I would like to show you some tips...


IELTS Reading Resolutions: Is it TRUE/FALSE or NOT GIVEN? A successful strategy to defeat these tricky questions

Many people have highlighted that it’s hard for them to determine whether a statement is True, False or Not given. In fact,  the way words are used in these types of questions are tricky...